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Quot I Wont Have Sex With My Dad Anymore Quot A Farewell Story From My Lovers G Cup Echiechi J Hono-chan Is Swept Away

El Nino

uploaded 2021-04-05 08:26:01



2021-04-05 08:26:01




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Today was a night date with Hono-chan. We picked up by car and had a drive date for the first time in a while. It was exciting with a story without love, and I thought that the distance between the two people was shortened with a good feeling, but I caught the disturbing atmosphere drifting from the end of the conversation ... (Imperial) I tried to go to dinner, but I changed my schedule in a hurry Then suddenly start to the hotel. As soon as I arrived, I was confused by Hono-chan, It's a hotel ..., but I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could talk slowly, so I decided to go here. It's been two years since I started dating Hono-chan. There is no need to hide between the two now. Let's talk about anything! I can meet my dad, but I can't go out with him. ?? Σ ( ̄  ̄ lll) I was confessed to a boy of the same age and decided to go out with him. So I can't do naughty things with my dad.

今日は、ホノちゃんと夜デートでした。車で迎えに行き、まずは久しぶりのドライブデート。他愛のない話で盛り上がり、いい感じに2人の距離が縮まって…と思いきや、会話の端々から漂う不穏な雰囲気をキャッチ…(焦)ディナーへ向かおうとしましたが、急遽予定を変更してホテルへ急発進。着いて早々「ホテルじゃん…」とホノちゃんを戸惑わせてしまいましたが、2人でゆっくりお話しできる場所がいいと思いここにしちゃいました。ホノちゃんと付き合い始めてから2年。今更2人の間に隠し事は不要です。さぁ何でも話してみなさい!と耳を傾けていると、「パパと会えるけど付き合えない」…って、まさかの別れ話!?Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)「同い年の男の子に告白されて付き合うことにした」「だから、パパとエッチなこともできない」そんな衝撃発言を言われ、内心めちゃくちゃショックを受けました…


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